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Binks MX Pumps are a completely new design in air operated pump technology utilizing a patented magnetic detents to provide fast changeover with virtually no pulsation. The result is paint delivery with less pulsation for a more consistent finish.

The MX pistons are Ceramic coated which is the most durable surface available for resisting wear to highly abrasive materials.

Nova 2000, Nova 3, Nova 3 Hood Light ,CO2 Monitor, Airline Purifier System, Hibernia Blast Capes, Cool & Hot Tubes.

Comprised of PPE innovators, users and advocates, RPB specializes in supply air respirators airline filters, monitoring equipment & safety essentials.
Count on Kennametal blast nozzles in the harshest environments. Kennametal's unique family of tungsten carbide, boron carbide, SiAlON and ROCTEC® composite carbide nozzles offer exceptional wear resistance and unmatched performance.
Explosion Proof Lights, Blast Light, Blast Light Lenses, Deadman Switches & Repair Kits, Extreme Cable
Vacuum hose from Kuriyama of America. For use in industrial and commercial applications.
Full line of long-lasting and durable Flexaust dust dollector hoses.
High Pressure Spray Hose from Exitflex.
Media & Blast Couplings, Nipples & Menders, Hose Swivel Inserts, Air Hose Couplings & Ball Socket Couplings
Complete line of Jet Chisel air tools and needle scalers
Eagle Industries' Black Max Portable Dust Collector Fans, Dust-Socks
Air Movers, Chipping Hammers, Rivet Busters, and other supplies from Texas Pneumatic Tools.
NTS supplies also include blast hose, vacuum hose connectors, reducers, Hibernia blast capes with sleeves and more.